About Edwin.L.Hui


I have facilitated over $350 Million in real estate transactions in my 14 years + career in the industry. I am passionate about using real estate to not only find the perfect home for your needs but also to use it as a means to build wealth and ensure your financial independence. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest — My expertise in the Toronto market will ensure a successful real estate experience.

My approach is similar to that of a finance or investment portfolio manager, ensuring that we build a long-term partnership. I will be able to give you guidance on every step of the transaction so the experience is stress-free, and as a private investor myself, I will work the numbers and analyze the market with you together to find the best return on your investment.

I am also a developer approved Platinum Agent for Pre-Construction Projects. I will have first-hand access to Pre-sale prices and promotion incentives before it sells to the public.

Drop me a line anytime by email or text and let us meet for a coffee and discuss more of your needs, I am confident that my years of experience and knowledge in the industry will find you the perfect property.